Pet Grooming

We carry only the finest products to meet your pet's specific needs. Does your pet have fleas? Let us know before you come, and we can help. We will shape or shave down any type of fur to specific instructions, and nail clipping is included with all grooming appointments or available à la carte.

We clean ears with every grooming and remove ear hair if requested. Your pet will be brushed (we have all the tools for a shiny, healthy coat), de-matted, bathed, and blown-dry (we have a heavy-duty dryer to remove all excess loose hair and helps us to check the skin for any ticks or health issues).

Day Camp

Fur's-A-Flyin' Day Camp is a home away from home for dogs who need a place to chill while their families are busy, either at work or off doing errands. We have plenty of supervised indoor and outdoor play time. At the end of your long day, your dog will be exercised and ready to enjoy a quiet evening at home, so...when you're dog-tired, they will be, too!



     We are pleased to announce a new groomer

    to our Furs' family!  Elaina is now taking appointments

   and offering a $5 discount to new customers!